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There’s nothing more miserable than being hot and uncomfortable at work. And when you work with young children all day, staying cool under pressure is a must. That’s why when we got a call from the Kingswood Community Center in Wilmington, we knew they needed to get their heating and air conditioning problems fixed fast.

When we got there, we found that their air conditioning system had failed, leaving four classrooms, the hallways and the kitchen without any level of comfort during the hot and humid summer. And like most governmental and non-profit organizations, we needed to come up with a cost-effective way to get them the comfort they needed, but make sure the energy bills would be manageable all year long. We knew right away that a Carrier ductless system could get the job done while also helping the Center’s bottom line.

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Problem: Failed air conditioning system left the Kingswood Community Center uncomfortable and out of business.

Solution: A new zoned Carrier ductless air conditioning and heating system with 9 zones of heating and cooling will give the Kingswood Community Center all the comfort they need, and ability to adjust the comfort as needed, where it’s needed, increasing efficiency and lowering energy bills, helping their bottom line.

Best Air Conditioning Contractor in Wilmington, DEWhen we went to the Kingswood Community Center, their current HVAC system had failed. We knew they needed not just a replacement, but actually a better system- that would leave them not only more comfortable but more financially secure for years to come.

Carrier Ductless Indoor High Wall Unit

Carrier Ductless Indoor High Wall Unit Wilmington DE Commercial

We were able to design a 9 zone system, serving classrooms, hallways, and the kitchen area. By creating separate zones of comfort throughout the building, the Community Center would increase comfort right where it was needed most, but could save money by not heating and cooling areas not in use, significantly impacting operating costs- and that’s something every Community organization can appreciate.

Carrier Ductless systems are just that- they work without bulky ductwork, keeping the space where they’re located completely comfortable. They can provide both heating and cooling you want, right where you want it.  The systems have two main components- an outdoor condenser unit that is a super-efficient heat pump, that can be hooked up to multiple indoor cassettes. The indoor units are often wall mounted, and come in different varieties, allowing a system to be flexible to meet the demands of your home or business. The wall units are equipped to distribute the heated or cooled air evenly throughout a space, eliminating hot and cold spots- and that’s a big plus, especially in a Community Center like Kingswood.

Carrier Ductless Indoor Ceiling Unit

Carrier Ductless Indoor Ceiling Unit Wilmington DE Commercial

The different type of indoor cassettes also let us put some on the units in the ceiling, looking very much like a conventional, ducted vent. But this ceiling unit actually only controls the comfort level in this individual room- making it independent of every other room, and adjustable as needed.  That means this classroom can add a little additional cooling after the kids come in after recess, but also adjust the temperature so the room doesn’t feel like an ice cube either!

Carrier Ductless Multi-Zone Outdoor Unit

Carrier Ductless Outdoor Unit Wilmington DE Commercial

Carrier’s systems are powerful!  Each outdoor units can power up to nine indoor cassettes, each individually adjustable. That also lets the systems be customized to the needs of almost any home or business, by allowing wall hung units like we used in the kitchen, and ceiling units in the classrooms.

But regardless of type, each indoor cassette uses its state of the art sensors to monitor the heat and humidity in the room, and will adjust the comfort level while distributing the air evenly throughout the whole zone- delivering outstanding comfort even in the heat of a commercial grade kitchen!

Each individual unit can also be turned off when not in use. This can lead to significant energy savings, and that is incredibly important to helping to keep operating costs low and help the bottom line for this Community Center.

Carrier ductless heat pumps also provide incredible comfort even in extreme conditions! They can provide heat at 80% efficiency even when it’s -22F outside, and cool at 100% capacity when it’s 130F outside- they can definitely handle anything we see here in the Delaware Valley!  Using inverter technology, Carrier ductless units are incredibly efficient, using minimal energy necessary to keep your comfort level consistent.

Another advantage to choosing Carrier ductless for Kingswood Community Center is that each indoor unit has its own air filters, delivering cleaner air within a space than when the air is shared through multiple rooms. This is a particular advantage in controlling allergens, and in helping to reduce the spread of illness as well- and that’s important when we’re talking about kids and the upcoming flu season!

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Wilmington DE School

Ductless is a great solution, whether it’s your home or a Community Center like this one, due to the quietness of the system. Compared to bulky, noisy, window units, Carrier Ductless units operate at a whisper-quiet 29 db. That means the system can provide exceptional comfort, while never interfering with whatever activity is happening in a classroom- from teaching to nap time to anything in between- the system will only make itself known by keeping everyone cool and able to focus on the task at hand!

Carrier Ductless Indoor Unit Wilmington DE Commercial

Whether you have a conventional home that needs a little added comfort or run a business or a school, Carrier Ductless can provide you the comfort you want, while helping you save significant money on your energy bills, year round. Give us a call here at Hentowski. Our experts can design a system that will ensure you get the comfort you crave, right where you need it most while making sure the system fits your budget needs as well. Your total comfort is just a phone call away!

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