Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC Installation in Newcastle, DE

Historic New Castle is the oldest continuously occupied town in the Delaware Valley, and it’s filled with Historic Buildings, located near the head of the Delaware Bay. It’s a great place to live, and it’s filled with older buildings, many of which have apartments.

The owner of this apartment building in New Castle had a problem. The building has steam heat but no air conditioning and the summers around the Delaware Valley seem to be getting hotter and stickier every year.

Window air conditioning units are noisy, inefficient and pose a security risk.

Even in the winter, some of the apartments were chilly, but space heaters aren’t a good idea since they can be a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. The owner gave us a call, to see what kind of solutions we could propose to solve the heating and cooling problems for the owner and the tenants living there.

Problem: With no air conditioning, the apartments in this historic New Castle building were painfully hot in the summer, and were relying on expensive, noisy window units for comfort. The Landlord wanted to provide a better and more economical solution for his tenants.

Solution: 5 separate zones of Mitsubishi ductless will provide air conditioning and supplemental heating to each apartment, allowing each tenant to have the comfort they want, while keeping energy costs low.When we got to the building, we could see immediately that Mitsubishi Electric Ductless heating and air conditioning would be a great option for this location. Buildings like this one were built long before ductwork was commonplace, so having a solution that would provide maximum comfort without requiring expensive ductwork was important.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are comprised of two main components- an outdoor condenser unit, and then indoor wall mounted units, called cassettes or heads, which provide the cooling comfort or heating right where you need it most. The two parts are connected by thin cables and refrigerant lines, allowing them to be installed almost anywhere, without disrupting the beauty of a home, inside or out. A single outdoor unit can control up to eight indoor cassettes, and each of the indoor heads can be controlled independently, creating a separate zone of heating or cooling wherever you want it. That’s a perfect way to provide comfort in a situation like this, with multiple apartments- each tenant will be able to control their unit and get the comfort they want, when they want it, without affecting the other folks in the building.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are heat pumps, and use state of the art sensors to be able to deliver heat all the way down to -13F- far colder than we ever see around here, and efficient cooling even when it’s over 100F outside. The wall mounted units have special sensors that monitor both temperature and humidity, and they operate independently, delivering whisper-quiet comfort- only 20db! That’s quieter than most fans!

Our owner opted to add 5 cassettes, one in each of five different apartments. The units are mounted up on the wall out of the way. Using state of the art sensors, the units monitor the temperature of the room and can adjust it, while distributing hot or cool air throughout the space. Compared to the old air conditioners, that were noisy, leaked water and were expensive to run, these efficient new ductless units will free up windows, providing more light- and security- to each of the tenants. Plus there’s no more hassle of installing and uninstalling the units every year- that’s something the owner and tenants can appreciate!

Best of all, Mitsubishi ductless units are highly-efficient heat pumps, allowing them to work as air conditioning and supplemental heat as well. With any old building heated with steam radiators, some rooms end up being chillier than others, and you can’t control the heat in each room individually. Now with ductless, tenants can add that touch of heat on chilly mornings or crispy fall evenings, enhancing their comfort without causing high electric bills- something owners and tenants can appreciate!

With this upgrade, the owner has increased the value of his investment as well as the comfort for his tenants. Mitsubishi ductless systems also carry a 12-year warranty, which means many years of hassle-free operation, something that gives building owners like this one peace of mind. The units are also low maintenance, adding additional cost savings.

We were so happy to help design the perfect comfort system for this great apartment building in Historic New Castle. Whether you have one room in your house that’s hard to heat or cool, or many, give us a call here at Hentowski! We can help design the perfect system for you, that will deliver year-round comfort while also saving you money on energy bills.

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