Wilmington AC Maintenance

A+ RatingHentkowski, Inc. has been providing excellence in air conditioning service and AC maintenance throughout Wilmington, DE and the surrounding areas for nearly 50 years. Our technicians are NATE-certified, and we conduct full employee background checks and drug-testing as part of our commitment to you – our valued customers.

Professional AC Maintenance Service

Hentkowski, Inc. offers its clients a full line of workplace or home AC services including AC tune-ups and regularly scheduled maintenance. These services can determine if your system is at risk for failure and make sure your equipment is generating the best air quality and occupant comfort.

  • 100% service satisfaction and product guarantee
  • Flexible hours and emergency services
  • On time and fully equipped service vehicles
  • Best performing AC equipment that is built to last

If you’re concerned about poor air quality or inefficient cooling performance from your AC unit, we can recommend the right solution, including a full inspection and maintenance cleaning or an AC tune-up for improved performance. Our highly trained technicians can also determine whether your home is experiencing poor air quality, and can recommend interior air quality solutions for your home or business.

Preventative AC Maintenance Services

Preventative AC Maintenance Services with HentkowskiThe performance of your AC unit will steadily decline if not properly maintained, and will require an occasional AC tune-up to keep the system operating at top levels. At Hentkowski, Inc. we strive to be your full-service indoor air comfort and quality partners by providing AC tune ups and maintenance services to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and limit the common causes of AC system failures:

  1. Low Refrigerant
  2. Dirty Condenser Coils
  3. Frozen Evaporator Coils
  4. Clogged Drains
  5. Blower Fan Failures
  6. Leaking Ductwork
  7. Thermostat Problems

Our AC maintenance and tune-up services are performed by the best trained technicians in Wilmington, DE. Regular AC maintenance offers you peace of mind and will protect your investment in a quality AC unit.

Prevent future AC system failures and low cooling performance by contacting Hentkowski, Inc. to set up an appointment today.  Experience a healthier environment and cleaner air when your ductwork, filters, and AC components are regularly inspected and maintained.