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This lovely townhome in Wilmington, DE had a problem. They were relying on window air conditioners to try to keep cool in the summer, as the home was built before central air conditioning. But like most older homes in the Delaware Valley, window air conditioners don’t always do a great job. They are bulky and a pain to install and then store each year. They are noisy, and they’re expensive to operate. And when you use them with first-floor windows, they can even be a security concern- allowing easy entrance to a home by a burglar.

Our homeowners at this townhome in Wilmington were tired of the yearly air conditioner shuffle and were looking for a better cooling solution that would be more cost-effective and provide them with the comfort they craved, especially for the upstairs bedrooms.

Best Air Conditioning Contractor in Wilmington, DE

Problem: Window air conditioners weren’t getting the job done, and the owners were looking for a better solution that would provide them with year-round comfort.

Solution:  A three-zone Carrier ductless system will provide the homeowners with year-round comfort in the downstairs and upstairs bedrooms while saving significantly on energy bills.

Best Air Conditioning Contractor in Wilmington, DE

When the homeowners gave us a call here at Hentowski and described their problems, we knew that a Carrier Ductless system might be just the ticket.  When we got to the home and looked around, it became clear that a three zone system would give them the comfort they wanted while giving them added convenience and energy savings.

Carrier ductless systems are essentially state of the art heat pump based systems. But unlike heat pumps from the past, these systems work efficiently when it’s -20F outside or 130F! The new technology, coupled with state of the art sensors let the units monitor indoor temperatures and humidity and adjust comfort levels no matter what Mother Nature dishes up outdoors.

That’s important here in the Delaware Valley because we can have some crazy weather swings!  It can be frosty for a few days, and then we can get ”Indian Summer” days in the 80’s- and if you’ve already taken out your window air conditioners for the season, you can spend days sweating and uncomfortable! With a Carrier ductless system, all you have to do is make a small adjustment on a remote control, and you can have the additional AC cooling or heat in an instant, delivered quietly and distributed evenly throughout the space.

By creating zones of comfort throughout the home, the homeowners will be able to adjust the comfort level for the areas of the home being used- and even turn off the systems for areas not in use.  That means at night, they can turn off the unit keeping the first floor comfortable, and then each person can adjust the comfort level in their bedroom to make sure they get a quiet, peaceful night’s sleep.  Then in the morning, they can turn off the upstairs units when they leave for work, ensuring they aren’t wasting energy heating or cooling rooms when no one is there to enjoy it! Zoning a home like this can lead to substantially lower energy bills year round.

As you can see from the picture above, the outdoor lines look very much like traditional gutters and downspouts. The main outdoor condenser can power up to nine indoor cassettes, each being able to be controlled individually.

This also means that if the homeowners of this home decide that they’d like additional zones at a later date, all we have to do is install an indoor unit and run a line- making Carrier Ductless a great modular way to give you the comfort you want, but preserve the ability to expand the system over time as well. Unlike whole-home systems that tend to look at the whole home as a single zone, Carrier ductless systems let you add zones over time which can be a budget-friendly way to address long-term comfort issues as well.

Carrier Ductless HVAC Outdoor Unit Wilmington Delaware

We were so happy here at Hentowski Heating and Air Conditioning to be able to help our homeowners get the comfort and safety they craved. If you’re interested in finally getting rid of those pesky window air conditioners, and want the convenience of year-round comfort, give us a call. We can design the perfect system for your home, allowing you to add both heating and cooling at the touch of a button, right where you need it most.

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