Carrier Ductless

06Nov 2018

How much does ductless HVAC cost in Delaware? Here in Wilmington, DE, the cost of a Carrier ductless mini-split system starts at about $4,000 for a single zone, mini-split air conditioner, and goes up from there depending on a number of factors. Delaware and Southern Chester County area homeowners are choosing Carrier Ductless Mini-Split heat […]

03Nov 2018

Carrier Ductless Heats and Cools the Straw Bale Home Project At Hentowski Heating and Air Conditioning, we love to be a part of the community. That’s why we were so excited to be a part of the Straw Bale Home Project in Wilmington. The two 18-year-old founders of Y Innovations came up with the idea […]

03Nov 2018

This lovely townhome in Wilmington, DE had a problem. They were relying on window air conditioners to try to keep cool in the summer, as the home was built before central air conditioning. But like most older homes in the Delaware Valley, window air conditioners don’t always do a great job. They are bulky and […]