Carrier Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence

infinity-25VHAIndustry-Leading Efficiency
Carrier delivers unprecedented heat pump heating efficiency of up to 13.0 HSPF. While others play catch up, you can enjoy significant savings now thanks to inverter-driven variable-speed operation that precisely matches heat pump performance to comfort needs.

Extra-Consistent Comfort
Standard systems mindlessly blast heated or cooled air at one speed before shutting off, which can lead to widely fluctuating temperatures. The Infinity® 20 heat pump with variable-speed scroll compressor maintains extra-consistent comfort in your home by more closely matching heating and cooling requirements.

Environmentally Sound Refrigerant
Carrier led the industry by incorporating non-ozonedepleting Puron® refrigerant into heat pumps back in 1996. Millions of Puron refrigerant units in operation today exemplify the reliability, durability and enduring quality of these products.

Maximize Your Comfort
The Infinity 20 heat pump operates within a range of sound levels between 62 dBA and 76 dBA in heating mode and as low as 58 dBA in cooling mode. Our exclusive Silencer System II™ features a silencer top, integrated fan motor, forward-swept fan blades, compressor vibration isolator plate, sound hood and split-post compressor grommets to help deliver quiet operation by maximizing airflow and minimizing vibration.

Quiet Operation
Greenspeed™ intelligence monitors several critical system functions and adjusts operation to maximize performance and system reliability. With built-in protection features and Carrier quality testing, you can be confident with your comfort.

Peace of Mind
By combining the intuitive Infinity control with the Infinity control board in the heat pump itself, Carrier puts maximum comfort at your fingertips. You control comfort schedules, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, fan speeds and more, all from one
easy-to-use control on the wall in your home.

** Per standard testing as described by ARI 270-95.